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Sick Dad and Baby February 19, 2009

It’s been up and down over in Chicago. The weather and climate is absolutely crap. I wish I were in California or Florida.

I’ve come down with a cold. It appears to be progressing to something more than a cold. I feel a bit guilty because my newborn is also feeling sick. She’s got a lot of congestion going on in her nose and throat. When she sneezes a lot of mucous comes out of her nose. :( When she breathes you can hear how congested her passage is. It makes me sad.

On a good note, today we had a pediatrician appointment for my love. Doc said she was doing great as far as length and weight gains. No concerns really. She’s still on the small side of the scale so the next appointment was set up for when she turns 1 month old instead of the usual appointment at the 2 month mark.

This post probably makes no sense. I’m sorry lol I’m writing as my head is pounding. :(

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Baby Constipation Help and Remedies February 16, 2009

I’ve been noticing my daughter not using the bathroom as much. Before all she ever did after a meal was leave stool in her diaper with rare sightings of urine.

I’ve come aware that she could indeed be constipated. There are unusual things she wasn’t doing prior to this. She’s just a week old I know but I care about it a lot. She hardly ever cried at night – only to be fed. For about the past two nights I noticed she had no stool in her diapers after eating. Unusual because she usually does. I just figured she wasn’t pooping as much just like us older people tend to poop after digestions of long hours. I have no idea how to treat it or what to do in this situation so I came to google and found this awesome write-up on baby constipation.

How can I treat my baby’s constipation?

Here are some things to try:

• Get her some exercise. If your baby’s a crawler, encourage her to do a few laps. If she’s not crawling yet, try pumping her legs: While she’s lying on her back, gently move her legs in a forward, circular motion as if she were pedaling a bicycle.

• Massage your baby’s belly. Measure three finger-widths below her navel and apply gentle but firm pressure with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes.

• If you feed your baby formula, ask her doctor about switching to a different brand. Some babies are less constipated on soy formula. And sometimes adding a teaspoon of Karo corn syrup to the formula also does the trick.

• Switch from rice cereal to barley or oat cereal, or add pureed fruits or vegetables to her regular cereal, once your baby is ready for them. Read about what foods to introduce when.

• Once your baby is eating a variety of solid foods, ask her doctor if you can boost her fiber intake by adding a teaspoon of bran to her cereal. Cut down on constipating foods like rice, bananas, and cooked carrots, and try mixing her cereal with a little bit of apple or prune juice or a few tablespoons of pureed prunes, apricots, or pears to help loosen her bowel movements.

• Increase the amount of fluid your baby drinks to help keep her stools soft. If your baby is older than 2 months, start by giving her 1 ounce of prune juice diluted with 1 ounce of water, twice a day. As her constipation improves, you can cut back. Talk with the doctor first if your baby is 2 months old or younger.

• Talk to your baby’s doctor about treatment options. Ask about using an over-the-counter stool softener to make bowel movements more comfortable for your baby, but never give your baby a laxative without her doctor’s approval. The doctor may also suggest you try a glycerin suppository if your baby is severely constipated. The suppository will stimulate the rectum and help her pass a stool. While using a suppository occasionally is fine, don’t do it on a regular basis, since your baby could wind up relying on them to have a bowel movement.

• If your baby is passing such hard, dry stools that she tears the delicate skin near the opening of her anus (you may be able to see these tears, known as anal fissures, or a little blood), you can apply some aloe vera lotion to the area to help it heal. Be sure to mention the tears to your baby’s doctor.

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Week old February 15, 2009

It’s been a week. At 5:06pm today she will be a full week old. So far it’s been real exciting. Not as scary as it should be. My new sleep schedule revolves around her. I don’t mind it all too much.

As mentioned before my sleep pattern is as follows. Every 3 hours wake up, change her diaper then feed her. Doesn’t seem all that hard right? But at night, after waking up unexpectantly from a great deep sleep, you feel the pain. It’s nowhere as easy as it seems. Sometimes the whole process can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It’s really up to the baby.

To this day there isn’t anything that’s gone wrong. Everything has been great and hopefully all will continue to go great.

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Lack of sleep February 12, 2009

They aren’t kidding when you’re told you’ll be lacking sleep. I’m tired. Not extremely tired but very tired. It’s been a great experience so far though. I love my little girl and would not trade it for anything else. I cannot wait to take her out to the park or something.

She’s been waking up every 3 or so hours to be fed. She’s drinking a lot and pooping a lot. Doctors say it’s great for her to be pooping and eating a lot. I’m happy.

Tomorrow is her first follow up with a pediatrician. I cannot wait to hear what they have to say about my daughter. She’s beautiful. :)

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She’s here, it’s happened, call me dad! February 10, 2009

Hey all! I’m finally a dad. After a long nine months you can finally say and call me dad. I love the feeling it is spectacular. I’m currently updating from the hospital because we’re still here. We don’t get discharged til’ tomorrow. The experience was amazing, truly one of a kind experience. It was funny how we ended up at the hospital but it was great. I’m in love once again and this time there’s no taking that love away. She’s a part of me that will never leave.

I have not been this happy for the longest. There is obviously a lot of emotion that went through while undergoing the whole process. I’ll be the first to admit to crying when I saw the baby come out of the mom’s cervix. I’m truly astonished. I will update this later when we go home, hopefully we’ll be leaving tomorrow around noon. I’ll mention everything that was said and done during the past two nights and three days.

Take care

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It’s a girl! 100% sure now! February 6, 2009

Today marked our second day of the weekly visits we now have to attend. It was quite a scare. Arriving we did the typical procedure we do all the times we go. Park and enter the office. Since we are going through with midwives instead of having just one doctor take care of our pregnancy we had to meet midwife 4 of 5.

The 3 previous midwives we had visited with have all told us that the baby was doing great and we were too. Today we were told that the baby was small, a little too small on the small side. An ultrasound was set up immediately afterwards.

Upon receiving the news of the midwife thinking she was too small I started to get scared. I had no idea what was going on and or if my daughter was okay. I was nervous and didn’t know what to think. While the screening was done we took advantage to ask once again what the gender of my baby was. It indeed was a girl. So now we are 100% sure all the pink stuff we got is fine and will not need to be returned. That relieved some nervousness.

After the screening we were told that everything was fine and baby was great. The only concern was that she was a little small but it made sense since her mother is really really really small. I’m glad that was over with. I left the office with joy. ☺

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Scared to be a dad February 4, 2009

I’m often asked if I’m scared to be a dad. At first I won’t deny it I definitely was scared. Now I’m just facing the facts that I have to take care of my consequences.

For the past 8 months I’ve been experiencing a whole new life. The abilities and privileges I had prior to finding out about becoming a father are no longer there. They are but not as accessible as they were before. I don’t mind it all that much.
Around the first month of knowing I was going to become a father thinking about what I was going to do was scary. Knowing that a lot of stuff I’ve done before I no longer will be able to do because I have to be responsible now was quite impacting.

Throughout the days and months I slowly stopped caring about the worries and moved on. I went from scared to being an expecting father with no worries. Right now I’m way more excited than scared, I’m barely scared at all as a matter of fact. I know for a fact that I myself will be a great father. I’m going to make the best of it and the best of her. I know I’ll provide for her til’ the day I stop breathing and that’s all that matters to me.

For me to know that I feel this way helps a lot. I decided to overcome my fears at an early stage, there’s no doubt that when the baby gets here my feelings may change to being completely scared. As for now though I’m extremely excited and made the best of it.

If you indeed are scared to become a parent no matter what age you’re at here are some suggestions.

•    Make the best out of the situation no matter what. This means act appropriately with your significant other. Make her feel comfortable with the fact and thought of you two becoming a parent as a pair. Always think in a positive nature; never see this as a burden.
•    Go out and enjoy the time between finding out and birth. This is key and what helped me most. In the first beginning stages I was very worried and felt isolated to my own place where all I did was think negatively. Going out definitely helped.
•    Start buying and or looking at baby stuff! Definitely another helpful tip. It started to give me a warm feeling about the situation and a positive outlook overall. It allowed me to feel as a father and gave me mental support.

These are just a few tips I can think of off the top of my head keep an eye out for a detailed list of tips on how to overcome your fears.

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The First Ultrasound February 1, 2009

After finding out about the situation I got myself into I decided to get everything worked up and checked up on. My girlfriend needed care and so did the baby. About a week or two after finding out an ultrasound appointment was set up. At first I was scared I had no idea what to think or do, yet again. I had a feeling that we would be the youngest in the office. My feeling was correct. We got there sat down filled out information and were told to wait about 5 minutes. We waited.

It was awkward at first. Knowing we were the youngest there. People looked at us like if they were unsure as to why we were there. Understandable. It was our time to go and get checked up. We were first told about the steps of a pregnancy and that we’d eventually should take baby classes.

We were introduced to a midwife – we had decided to go through midwives instead of a doctor. It’s cool this way for us. We met all 5 midwives throughout the whole process and it was a relief to speak to all 5 of them all different ages.

After the introduction to the midwife we were told to get an ultrasound. The appointment was made and moved onto it. The specialist had an attitude and I was not too fond of her oh well. We were told it was a baby girl we’d have. No penis was found. That’s the story of our first ultrasound.

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